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On the off chance that you are searching for quality tattoo's from experienced specialists in a casual yet proficient environment then you have found the ideal spot. The Tattoo Shop is situated in Coimbatore & ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu.We tattoo in all styles - our outline or yours, we have some expertise in conventional, new school, tribal and dream. We are committed to our calling, and the nature of our work mirrors that devotion on a day by day basis.The Tattoo Shop has expanded his rundown of clients. His Tatttoo is arranged in the heart of Coimbatore and ramanathapuram with branches. His inventiveness is not constrained to body craftsmanship but rather to body penetrating also.

We Work SINCE 2015

Here we are Proudly announcing that Our Tattoo Studio was entered into successful 5 th Year! In our Tattoos Studio we are doing permanent Tattoos, Temporaty Tattoos, Portrait Tattoos, Scar Cover Up, Old Tattoos Cover Up and Permanent Eye Brows Mole Tattoos.


Our Client Says

"Very Good people & Good heart . nice job & ProfessionalWork. Studio All So Amazing . Think big Dream Big💚💙 "

~ by Mani MK

"Thank to my friend aszis.. Now i got a valuble tattoo studio in Coimbatore.. The artist was very good and very creative too i and i am from erode for this tattoo i came from erode to Coimbatore "

~ by Naveen BPN

"Have a good day ...full satisfaction... Good work thanks for vyuooha artist dharani.... Ur amazing.... Thank u so much.."

~ by Kumar Eswari....

"Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value I got my tattoo retouched..the overall experience was incredible..Dinesh bro was very friendly and professional..there was no fuss and I just had to tell her my requirements and it was executed perfectly..The cost for the procedure is definitely affordable compared to any other place..What I liked the most was the speed..By the time I realized the pain, the tattoo was completed..And it was exactly what I wanted..Thanks vyuooha tattoo studio..I'm surely coming again for more and more and more.. "

~ by Racool cham

"My 1st tattoo in vyuooha tattoo studio CBE Super work super arts super studio Thank u vyuooha Dinesh "

~ by Deepak Deepak

"The best tattoo studio in the coimbatore city! The overall experience was great! Their hospitality, professionalism and hygiene is perfect. The artist really had a ear for my concept and it was executed perfectly...."

~ by Pinky Gal

"There is something in the act of having tattoos done that I love.It can be addictive. I am Bring Tattoo to Life "

~ by Marry Doe

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